Advanced Solutions

Equitus can rapidly design, build, deploy and operate in-house analytics capabilities to meet your specific needs.   

  Rapid Prototype Development
  Hosting & Maintenance 
  Technology R&D
  Testing & Evaluation

Equitus Social Insight

"[...] the world’s first fully-integrated social media analytics appliance. With Social Insight®, organizations can now privately analyze and impact social media on their own terms."

Equitus Intelligence

(EI) Advanced Analytics Platform

"Dynamic multidimensional analysis uncovers hidden connections and trends with geospatial, temporal and relationship analytics. Equitus gives you more than the sum of your data[...]"

Equitus Video Analytics

"Equitus Video Analytics® (EVA) delivers the most advanced video analytics available to remote and disconnected sites by positioning the analytics at the “point of view” rather than in the cloud. EVA uses deep learning to expose behavioral and characteristic-based assessments[...]"

Equitus Text Analytics

Turning inert documents into discoverable entities and activities.

"Powerful, advanced computational text analytics and data integration tools breathe life into "old" information by revealing previously overlooked details."

Equitus VisualOps

Put data on the map

"Equitus VisualOps (EVO) is a data visualization application with an easy to use, purpose-built portal."

Consulting Services

Equitus was built on the core competency of helping ambitious organizations to quickly circumvent bureacracy and find solutions to critical problems.  

We develop vision and transformation plans for special operations and intelligence organizations, bridging the gap between current and future organizations.

Equitus designs technology frameworks and architectures for joint intelligence programs, creating tool-agnostic solutions for fusing and delivering global data.

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