Michael Avina Named Chief Products Officer

Equitus Corporation, as part of a major role-out of its new private analytics and intelligence systems product line, has appointed Michael Avina as its first CPO. Michael brings over 20 years of high-end software engineering and product development experience in a wide variety of disciplines including telecom, marketing, finance and engineering for a wide variety of firms including The Collins Group, Thoughtworks, United Pan European Communications, General Electric and Lockheed Martin.

Commenting on his appointment, Michael Avina said, “Equitus is poised for significant growth across its key markets, operating in industries with an increasing need for data and analytics in their environments. I am pleased to now be leading the team that has been bringing these products to life.”

Prior to joining Equitus in 2018, he led technology operations for an investment bank in Canada and ran technology due diligence and development for nearly a decade. His experience is built on a technical foundation, having begun his career at Lockheed Martin as a Sr Programer/Analyst working with technology firms including Oracle, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.

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