Lt. General Brooks Bash Joins Equitus as a Board Member

Published: 03/06/2020

Tampa, FL, Mar 5, 2020 – Equitus Corp. announced today the addition of Lieutenant General Brooks Bash as a Board Member.

Lt Gen Bash joins Equitus with a wealth of senior military and commercial experience. Bash is an experienced C-Suite executive, military leader, cyber expert and a Service-Disabled Veteran. He is also brings to the board room a comprehensive board room knowledge as an NACD Fellow. His previous key positions include President of Western Global Airlines, Deputy Executive Secretary for the White House National Security Council, and Principal Director to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for the DOD logistics & health enterprises. Bash has extensive combat experiences as a commander and aviator, has testified before Congress, was the senior military officer in the White House Situation Room on 9/11, and selected as a Defense Science Board Task Force member.

“In his role as a Board Member, Brooks brings a well-rounded perspective to Equitus in terms of understanding senior military decision making needs and National Security trends to enable Equitus products to be most relevant to the needs of national security.” stated Rob Guidry, Founder of Equitus.