How Can a Graph Data Fabric Help Commercial Businesses Optimize Performance?

Defining a data fabric:

For a business to be successful and optimize performance, you want and need to have all the data/information you can possibly get quickly at your fingertips. The best way to obtain this information is through a data fabric.  At Equitus, we define a data fabric as an architecture and set of data services that provide consistent capabilities across a choice of endpoints spanning hybrid multi-cloud environments. It is an architecture that standardizes data management practices and practicalities across cloud, on premises, and edge devices. (It simplifies and integrates the data it obtains and delivers that data to a choice of endpoints, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other virtual environments. It connects all the data and information you need to know to make your business excel.)

Why is a data fabric useful to businesses?

            A data fabric is useful to businesses for numerous reasons:

  • It helps reduce the complications of data management by giving you the tools to understand what is happening in your business and why.
  • Eliminates inefficient and manual data integration processes and provides the business with ready-to-run analytics.
  • It allows users to access and share data seamlessly, wherever it may be stored.
  • Achieve decision dominance by helping you analyze customer trends and satisfaction.
  • It can help businesses reduce costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and by storing large amounts of data.

What our Commercial Clients need to know:

Our Commercial Clients can benefit from the use of all the Equitus Strategic Solutions:

  • Equitus for Intelligence– Automated data and information aggregation at scale and speed. Equitus uses graph technology to maximize computational efficiency. Identifies key connections between individuals, groups, topics, and other variables of interest across INT sources. Visualize temporal chart data to identify overlaps and anomalies in event timelines.
  • Equitus for Open-Source (OSINT)- Monitor hundreds of millions of distinct social sites: discover conversations on previously unknown sites. Track and analyze spikes and dips in topic interest. OSINT capabilities include scraping broad social media, messaging, and blogs.
  • Equitus for Knowledge Management- Ingest unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. View your data as a table, map, link chart, timeline, histogram, etc. Establish custom dictionaries and ontologies to derive intelligence from any situation.
  • Equitus for Geospatial Intelligence- Upload specific maps, utilize specific icon sets, and view various overlays like countries or provinces.
  • Equitus for Imagery and Video Analytics- Real-time alerts from live streaming video, facial recognition, forensic searching, behavioral analytics for video analytics, and advanced analysis tools.

Use Data Fabric for Smarter Business Management  

A data fabric is a much-needed solution that is useful for business management and market research. This information is only useful if you know how to manage and control it.

When a data fabric is utilized, it integrates seamlessly into a single fully-functional offering. This gives us the ability to deploy a customized analytic environment in days instead of months.



Alyssa Mulder
Alyssa Mulder

Incoming third year student at the University of South Florida pursuing a Bachelors degree in Marketing and is the current Marketing Intern at Equitus.

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