How does Equitus' Social Insights make data filtering easier when analyzing social media?

Every second, Equitus is scraping the open web for new information to inform decision making.

What is data filtering?

Data filtering is the process of breaking down your entire data analytics into smaller subsets, to provide you with a better in-depth viewing or analysis of the data you are looking for. In simple terms, it takes out the information that is not necessary for the answer to your problem set; and zooms in/highlights the information you are trying to find, making your life easier and saving you time.

What is OSINT?

Our Open-Source Intelligence Solution (OSINT). OSINT anonymously extracts data from hundreds of millions of sites across the digital oasis in 42 distinct languages, which includes: social media, boards, blogs, news, and video comments to provide you with a big picture view of the opinions and experiences from a population. OSINT findings can also be imported into our geospatial (EVO) to provide you with a visualization of the data on a map.

Below is an example of what our geospatial map can look like when we integrate your data analytic findings into our (EVO). This allows you to look at a map and see where conversations are being talked about and how much they are being talked about in a specific area. An analyst can then differentiate data on the map using labels, colors, and icons, as well as view the data from different perspectives using our data analysis features: clustering, layer blending, and cross rendering.

OSINT allows you to pinpoint sentiments and inform you on what issues are being talked about where, to provide you with real-time data analytics faster than most reporting systems can.

OSINT is able to organize the information it receives into simple easy-to-read graphs, making data filtering easier and allowing you to have all the answers to a problem set.

Equitus OPEN-SOURCE INTELLIGENCE example- Elon Musk buying Twitter:

The image below shows how Equitus was able to track and categorize conversations using OSINT through the media source, Twitter, about what people are saying regarding Elon Musk buying Twitter.

The graph shown below displays the sentiment of what people are saying about the subject; Elon Musk buying Twitter, whether it be positive or negative comments. As shown on the graph, on 04/28/2022 (the day Elon Musk bought Twitter) conversation spiked on social media platforms.

What are some other OSINT Case Studies?

Equitus Open-Source Intelligence can be used for Commercial and Military capabilities:

  • Equitus is currently using its OSINT capabilities to help a political candidate with their campaign.
  • Equitus has used OSINT capabilities for military use to track Russian movement into Ukraine, and it has proven faster results than other real-time reporting systems.
  • OSINT can be used for market research analysis to help your business optimize performance through the data insights

Equitus’ Open-Source Intelligence is a much-needed solution for any organization, by providing you with organized data insights in easy-to-read graphs making data filtering easier when analyzing social media platforms. OSINT allows you to monitor consumer sentiment across numerous online sources, finds the best ways to uncover the answers hidden in social analytics, allows you to customize and summarize the analytics of your data; and does this all while being unattributable and private.

Alyssa mulder
Alyssa mulder

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