Equitus Joins Booming Tech Industry in the Middle East

Dubai is known for its open business environment, its extravagance, and its beautiful infrastructure, but it’s also becoming home to a growing tech industry. Dubai is an attractive place for tech companies due to big benefits like tax breaks and a growth-supportive ecosystem. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The U.A.E. has a stated aim of becoming home to 20 tech companies worth $1 billion or more by 2031.”

Equitus has experienced huge growth over the past year, and that includes opening an office in Dubai. We had a chat with Albert Hadi, Director of Middle East Operations for Equitus, to get an inside look at the opportunities presented there.

Albert Hadi is a former official of the U.S. Department of State and cofounder of CENTCOM digital engagement team DET. An accomplished writer, he has three printed books at the Library of Congress and was Editor-in-Chief of several CENTCOM magazines. We asked him a few questions about Equitus operations in Dubai, and what the future holds:

Why open an office in Dubai? What factors allow Equitus to thrive there?

“Dubai is becoming the technology capital of the Middle East. Dubai offers a unique combination of a strong regulatory framework and a stable risk atmosphere. Its pro-business administration enables and encourages an innovation mentality, and the city provides access to a large pool of talented professionals. The region’s leading tech hub, Dubai Internet City is home to a host of Fortune-500 and other major global tech players.  Equitus has an opportunity to provide a next generation technology foundation for many of the initiatives beginning here in Dubai.”

What kind of impact does Equitus plan to make on the technology industry in Dubai?

“Equitus has established its MENA team headed by me to concentrate on launching new Complete Arabic Intelligence System. We are increasing market share by building partnerships and expanding our customer base and the local team to cope with the business growth to serve our customers better.”

How is Equitus intersecting with the business industry in Dubai? What kind of support can it offer?

“Equitus is planning to make Dubai its main regional office in the Middle East and North Africa region to support its growing MENA businesses. Equitus’ Dubai-based team will help the company grow brand awareness, acquire, and support local clients.”

Equitus is proud to be a part of the Dubai technology vision, and the Equitus Open Data Fabric will be key to enabling the development of many new technologies with partners in Dubai.

Katie Ressa
Katie Ressa

USF English Major and current Copywriter at Equitus

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