SOFIC 2022 Recap

May 16-19, 2022 – Tampa, FL

What is SOFIC?

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), is held every year at a different location to provide a fun learning & networking experience for industry, government, academia, and international partners to showcase their companies’ new innovative products and solutions. It delivers a glimpse of the most cutting-edge capabilities available on the market to SOF operators. Every year, the event draws a large crowd, on average there are about 13,000+ attendees, 436 exhibiting companies, and industry leading speakers.

SOFIC includes speakers from top USSOCOM leadership, and the U.S. Special Operations Command host a capabilities demonstration, which is an incredible sight to see. The demonstration entails a scenario of “Saving a city official from hostile forces” using simulated explosions and gunfire, low-flying aircraft, boats, all-terrain vehicles, scuba divers, and ground forces.

Below is a pie chart of the 2021 SOFIC Attendee profile (Figure 1 on the left), which gives percentages of each group of people that attended SOFIC in 2021 to give you an idea of who attends these events. The pie chart on the right (Figure 2) shows the breakdown of the exhibitor categories to show you the types of products that are showcased.

This information can be found at the following link: 

Equitus at SOFIC 2022:

We had the privilege of attending SOFIC 2022 held at our home base in Tampa, Florida. Equitus is grateful for the opportunity to partner with OWT Global, Oracle, and KLAS Government.

We were located at 3 locations at SOFIC: Booth #950 at the Tampa convention center (our main booth), Booth #1213 at the Tampa convention with KLAS Government, and at 2909 Bay to Bay, Suite 309, Tampa with OWT Global.

The Equitus Team had a blast showcasing Equitus’ capabilities and learning about other organizations’ new and upcoming products/solutions.

Equitus in action:

At our main booth Laura Chugg, our Business Intel Analyst, displayed a Common Operating Picture of the Russia/Ukraine conflict and explained to fellow SOFIC attendees how our systems provide ongoing visualization of what is going on in Russia/Ukraine (pictured on the left below).   

Matt Niessen, our GM of Security Solutions showcased Equitus Video Sentinel’s capabilities (pictured on the right below).

We also teamed with Oracle representatives at our booth displaying the REDSs Oracle’s Roving edge.

Equitus’ Partnerships:

Equitus & KLAS Government– KLAS Government develops deployable communication solutions to meet the needs of government and military communicators in any operational environment. KLAS enables customers to communicate more and carry less by delivering tactical and executive communication systems specifically designed for ultimate flexibility, scalability, and portability.

We partnered with KLAS to demonstrate our Equitus systems on deployable KLAS technology. They provided the hardware, and we provided the software.

Equitus systems + KLAS hardware = Ultimate Decision Dominance

Equitus & OWT Global– OWT Global offers reliable and operationally proven expertise and support to the U.S. Government, FVEYS partners and commercial vendors for C5ISR, UAS and C-UAS services. OWT Global brings a blend of skills optimized for today’s dynamic operational needs and emerging great power competition threats.

We partnered with OWT Global to provide them with an intuitive interface and the ability to visualize networks through our geospatial tool. It enables their customers to make better fact-based decisions.

Equitus & Oracle– Oracle is a cloud technology company that provides organizations around the world with computing infrastructure and software to help them innovate, unlock efficiencies, and become more effective. Oracle offers the complete services customers need to build innovative cloud applications.

We partnered with Oracle to provide customers with an option for already established instances within the cloud or at the edge.

Equitus at the 8th Annual Global SOF SOFIC Reception

2022 marked the 8th Anniversary of the Global SOF Foundation SOFIC kick-off reception.  Historically, this event is held the evening before the first day of SOFIC. The Global Special Operations Forces (SOF) Foundation (GSOF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that aims to build and grow an international network of military, government, commercial, and educational stakeholders to advance SOF capabilities and partnerships to confront global and networked threats.

The reception is an opportunity for members of the defense industry to interact and build relationships before SOFIC while also allowing industry partners of GSOF to be recognized.

This year, members of the Equitus team attended, including our CXO: Wesley Westmoreland (second from the left in the picture below) and our Directors of Business Development and Special Operations: Joseph Cervay (far right in the picture below). Company investors and account executives were also in attendance. This event facilitated the CXO and Business Development team to promote Equitus and encourage event attendees to visit the Equitus booth on the SOFIC convention floor.  

The high-profile nature of the event drew prominent members of the Greater Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.  Members of the Equitus team had the opportunity to socialize with the writer, director, and producer Daniel Myrick, a Sarasota native (first from the left in the picture below). Mr. Myrick is known for creating, directing, and producing the Blair Witch franchise. During discussions, it was highlighted that, just as the original Blair Witch Project introduced and spearheaded many of the innovative ways movies are shot today, Equitus is changing the way big data analytics is accomplished. Myrick voiced support for what Equitus has accomplished and where the company is headed. 

The Equitus Team thanks GSOF and Mr. Myrick for this opportunity. 

Alyssa mulder
Alyssa mulder

Incoming third year student at the University of South Florida pursuing a Bachelors degree in Marketing and is the current Marketing Intern at Equitus.

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