About Equitus Corporation

What We Do and Who We Are


Equitus designs, builds and delivers cutting-edge big data analytics appliances designed to be mission critical and provide support to both government and commercial organizations. Having experience in in the field of special operations and national security, our unconventional team of operations, strategy, technology and R&D professionals bridge the gap from initial concept through to full operational capability and effect. Our solutions are on-premise and completely secure, providing a unique analysis of social media, cognitive analytics, business intelligence and video analytics. Equitus solutions are the result of a team that knows what it wants and built it.

Equitus Leadership

Robert Guidry

Chief Executive Officer

Ed Bass

President & Chief Financial Officer

Mark Campbell

Chief Marketing Officer

Chasiti McCann

Chief Operations Officer

Wesley Westmoreland

Chief Experience Officer

Albert Hadi

Director, Middle East Operations

Michael Avina

Chief Products Officer

Joe Daum

Director, Defense Aquisitions

Patrick Kinkopf

Director, Client Success

Robert Anderson

Director, IT Operations

John Tyler

Director, Applied Innovation