Discover insights you never thought existed
and make moves that set you apart

Your Data, Autonomously Unified

The EQUITUS AI Autonomous Knowledge Unification Platform transforms your diverse and disparate data into a strategic intelligence powerhouse, fueling efficiency, sparking innovation, and sharpening your competitive edge. 

Your fragmented and siloed enterprise data is a goldmine waiting to be tapped:

✓ connect your business across functional process and data silos

✓  democratize data & analytics across your organization

✓ Uncover hidden insights that lead to informed decision-making

Extend, Enrich, and Amplify Insights

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Harnessing the 90%

Organizations must go beyond simple data aggregation and uncover complex relationships and hidden patterns in their data to inform strategic decisions. 90% of organizational knowledge resides in unstructured data, ranging from PDFs to videos, including files from proprietary legacy systems, presenting significant data processing challenges. EQ AI’s non-disruptive platform automatically and in real-time converts unstructured data into actionable, contextual knowledge, making it your most valuable asset. Unlock the full picture, not just the 10% tip of the iceberg.

Get a holistic view of your data.

From Disparate Data to Actionable Knowledge

Tailored Across Industries

Financial Services


Life Sciences

Data Meets Discovery


Smart Manufacturing


Evolution Starts with Data Fusion


Data-Driven Retail Renaissance

Supply Chain

Streamline Logistics

Comprehensive Sector Advancement

Giving Decision Makers the Big Picture No more Blind Spots

Knowledge Unification goes beyond data integration. It involves not only aggregating data but also interpreting and linking it to derive meaningful insights. It’s about understanding the relationships and patterns within the data, revealing how different pieces of data relate to each other: contextualize information and turn it into actionable knowledge, useful for decision-making.

This process involves combining data of all structures and schemas, including unstructured data from sources like PDFs, CSV, Docs, videos and enterprise applications, and relating it to show relationships, making it simpler to manage and understand. Integrating and Organizing Comprehensive Knowledge

Knowledge unification combines the power of a knowledge graph and a data fabric to create a cohesive ecosystem for handling data and knowledge within an organization.


OpenFabric is a triple store implemented through an iterative process of evaluating industry-standard and cutting-edge approaches. Selecting aspects of these approaches maximizes our core goals of scalability, query performance, and flexibility. This also minimizes complexity, conceptual overhead, and development effort.
The triple store and the surrounding ecosystem of tools combine to form what we call the OpenFabric ecosystem, which can be thought of as a single graph data fabric entity that functions either standalone or as a part of a larger suite of storage, analytic, and interactive components. In either implementation, OpenFabric provides a variety of benefits that differentiate it from other data analytics solutions.