ready-to-use, ready-to-deploy, squad/team/element

  • Platform-as-a-Service, NO contractor footprint required. 
  • Unattributed advanced internet from anywhere in the world (5G or CIP). 
  • Automated collection from over 130 million OSINT sites globally direct to the user.
  • Advanced AI and Machine Learning tools/software built right into the kit, automates data analysis, data correlation and automatic link-chart analysis.
  • Fully compatible with intelligence platforms like MARFOCYBER’s Integrated Intelligence Platform (IIP).
Two military deployable kits open with laptop showing edge computing capabilties.

fully equipped with:

6 laptops

Ready-to-use and disconnected from the DoD network.

Internet Access

Included via 5G or commercial internet.

One Server

Includes all Equitus Intelligence Platform features: OSINT, KM, Multi-Source Intelligence, Geopspatial

enterprise compatibility

Coven can connect with other Covens or back to your intelligence enterprise cloud.

Secure Switch/Firewall

Connects all systems and secure access to unfiltered/attributed internet access.

advanced ai/ml

Advanced AI and Machine Learning tools/software built right into the kit

harness the power of:

open-source (osint)

Harvests and discreetly analyzes social media, includes analytic tools, customizable reporting tools, and powerful language analytics.

knowledge management

Automatically reads structures, correlates, and transforms thousands of document types, turning your data into a living and highly visual intelligence knowledge base.

Geospatial intelligence

Displays coordinate-linked datasets, compiles historical data from legacy systems and offers a seamless fusion of  real-world coordinates and mapping.