Deployable Edge Computing Platforms

Deployable Edge Computing Platforms

OUR Deployable Solutions


We have a number of ready-to-deploy and ready-to-use solutions to meet your needs. Our platforms provide deployable edge computing capabilities within an open intelligence ecosystem to collect, aggregate, and analyze multisource information from anywhere around the globe.


Data processing, open-source information, edge infrastructure

Provides your team with a fully self-contained intelligence ecosystem that collects, aggregates, analyzes, and fuses multi-source information without the need to rely upon connecting to your cloud. Coven is fully equipped with the latest in open-source, knowledge management, geospatial, and all source intelligence capabilities, and includes laptops and unattributable connectivity.


Edge network and computing capabilities

Allows an individual to conduct intelligence operations from anywhere on the globe. spectre offers unfiltered, un-attributable internet access coupled with advanced Equitus analytics, so you can harness the power of Equitus in the go.


Data processing and analytics ready-to-go

Provides video analytics and security/safety that allows users to be alerted to events, whether they are happening in real-time from recorded or live-streaming video.