Enterprise Solutions

Equitus offers customizable enterprise solutions to meet any use case. Equitus Intelligence Platform offers hyper-convergence and data convergence with tools that interconnect. EQ Knowledge Graph allows you to take your legacy applications and connect them to the EQ Knowledge Graph to see your data in real time. 

Equitus Intelligence platform

Equitus delivers data convergence across all data types. Multiple Equitus platforms seamlessly interconnect to achieve true hyper-convergence.

Eq knowledge graph

Transform and normalize data into a single, highly efficient, and easily scalable graph data fabric. EQ Knowledge Graph delivers a ready-to-run analytics and data abstraction layer enabling your organization to rapidly field even the most complex intelligence systems in days/weeks/months, instead of years.

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Two military deployable kits open with laptop showing edge computing capabilties.


A fully self-contained intelligence ecosystem that collects, aggregates, analyzes, and fuses multi-source information without the need to rely upon connecting to your cloud.


Conduct intelligence operations from anywhere on the globe. Spectre offers unfiltered, un-attributable internet access coupled with advanced Equitus analytics.

Image of deployable case with laptop


Provides video analytics and security/safety that allows users to be alerted to events, whether they are happening in real-time from recorded or live-streaming video.