Equitus for I2 & Analysts Notebook

Instantly connect your analysts

Equitus delivers a ready-to-run solution that transforms your existing investment in i2 software into a next-generation platform, instantly sharing and converging data from across your intelligence and law enforcement operations. 

Equitus is an open-architecture platform, that integrates A.I., Machine Learning, cognitive analysis, advanced natural language processing and the unparalleled speed of an autonomous-learning graph database,  allowing I2 analysts to seamlessly connect, converge and critical data in real time.  I2 users simply connect their existing ANB workstation software to exploit the underlying platform, as well as add living social media data, geospatial data, and open-source data while also adding the capability to drag & drop nearly any type/amount of unstructured data directly into your intelligence picture.     

Equitus Onsite

Equitus can be installed in your own data center in matter of days, providing absolute and complete physical control of your platform and data.   This option is suitable for organizations that have dedicated IT support and the budget to maintain your own enterprise solution on-premise.  Also available in deployable server configurations. 

Dedicated Enterprise

Equitus can deliver a ready-to-run dedicated Oracle Cloud (Commercial or IL2/IL3/IL5) independent cloud platform suitable for connecting 10-10,000 analysts in a secure & privatized cloud eco-system.  This form factor is scalable up to 1 exabyte of data, delivering a nodal, hybrid or full cloud experience across your user-base.     Delivered in days, and requires minimal additional user training. 

Shared Enterprise

For i2 clients with a smaller budget, Equitus offers a Platform as a Service (PAAS) solution that allows ANB users to leverage the power of an enterprise (and additional OSINT, Social Media, Geospatial and data library services) on a per-user subscription basis.  User data and activities remain highly secured and access to ancillary data remains high, but the pricing is based on only paying for what you need and not on maintaining your own Equitus platform to support your agency or organization. 

Easily converge your i2 systems now