Easy manipulation of Data

Map-based visualization application that displays coordinate-linked datasets on any internet-enabled device allowing for the fusing of data for geospatial analysis.

Understand in real-time how temporal and non-temporal attributes affect data.

Interactive Time slider: Focus in on a specific moment or a range of time for deeper analysis. Press play and watch as data populates as time progresses, providing insight into the spread of events and conversation on the geospatial level.

1500 File Types: Increase efficiency by using complex filters to specify what data is presented at a given time. Filter for sentiment, behavioral characteristics, sources, and includes filter customization tailored to specific use cases. 

Information Operations

View sentiment of local populations captured in polling data and on social media in real-time. Superimpose your existing data onto a visualization mapping platform.


Track and visualize all of your operations in real-time with one common operating picture. Real-time updates allow users to quickly discern changes in different specified metrics.

Law Enforcement

Track incidents down to a three-meter location. Aggregate all of your data and see it on a map. The output of this data can range from a single point to a heat map representing variance.