Imagery & Video Analytics

analyze the unwatched

State-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to process streams of live or recorded video footage, extracting metadata, and providing insight about the activities that occur in a camera’s field of view.

using advanced capabilities

Real Time Event Monitoring

Be notified of activity and alerts the moment they happen. Generate actionable intel for time-sensitive security risks and respond to emergencies immediately.

Event Search & Playback

With a single glance, be informed of all activity captured on your premises. Filter events and alerts by critical metadata, such as object type, speed, and color; as well as human attributes such as hair, gender, and clothing patterns. Playback recorded video clips with VMS integration.

Deep Learning Engine

Easily deploy custom-trained models designed for object detection tailored to your organization’s use case. Track important assets and detect various objects such as vehicles and weapons with customizable alerts upon detection.

use cases

National Defense

Identify patterns from live camera feeds including drone footage. 


Statistical analysis capabilities allow users to identify patterns such as invasive species or problems with irrigation without having to watch hours of video footage.

LAw Enforcement & Security

Send alerts when anyone crosses into a prohibited area. Alert an officer when the system identifies a specified object or pattern.