Use Advanced Capabilities

Turn inert documents into discoverable entities through a variety of capabilities.

Unparalleled ability to place your entire document library at your fingertips using automated information extraction capabilities to discover previously overlooked entities and relationships.


The system excels in recognizing various entity types through pattern recognition and dictionaries. Additionally, Knowledge Management can be easily taught to recognize new entities and relationships.

1500 file types

Knowledge Management can ingest and parse a large variety of text-based file types from PDF's to HTML files to Powerpoints.

Customizable Ontologies

Knowledge Management features the ability to easily edit and create new ontologies with entities and relationships that meets your organizational needs.

Optical Character Recognition

The system includes built in OCR, capable of turning scanned in documents into marketable text files and can also be integrated to work with already existing organizational OCR services.

Visualizations / Geospatial Analysis

Analyze discovered entities and relationships through structured lists, tables, link-charts, timelines, and maps.

Liquid Movement of Data

Files ingested into Knowledge Management can easily be exported from the system in the files original format as well as an XML version of the document with mark-ups from the system.



Knowledge Management gives you all of your evidence, case documentation, and databases at your fingertips. Find connections between your data through link chart analysis and work through your case in time and space with Knowledge Management’s timeline analysis. Instantly fuse your case files with Open-Source Intelligence to get a holistic picture of the case with Knowledge Management.

Social Network Analysis

Visualize and unconver the links and connections within an organization. Use your own data, or enhance your analysis with Open-Source Intelligence. What used to take an analyst months to build out, now takes only a few hours.

Operations Optimization

Uncover any redundancies and inefficiencies in your operations and business model. Compare operations plans and outcomes through link chart analysis on one screen. Find similarities, differences, and streamline your operation.