Welcome To Equitus

The world’s only true graph data fabric, Equitus seamlessly interconnects your data with next generation AI to help you achieve decision dominance.

The greatest inventions of humankind have one big thing in common! They were created by people with passion for meeting a need. Throughout history we have come a long way by fostering technology that advances the human experience. Many of the advancements that have our attention have made life more comfortable and joyful, yet there are a host of tools “behind the scenes” which protect our freedom, and ultimately, our ability to enjoy our freedoms. These are the tools that matter most.

Equitus was created to meet the needs of military planners by integrating seamlessly with the platforms they’re already using. The technology needed scalability to work with existing programs while being able to easily integrate with future data types. It needed to generate visualizations that could allow you to see your data in time and space, and continuously add new information for a current picture of newly ingested data. The result is a solution that goes far beyond being useful in the defense industry alone. Our technology also helps commercial industries manage data like never before. Equitus provides a unique foundation for next generation AI and beyond. Our solutions are the result of a team that knows what it wants and builds it. 


The New Open Standard

  • Powerful Analytics & Open Design

    EQ Knowledge Graph allows a defense contractor to tailor a system, tools, dashboards, data-flows, and processes to whatever use case they may desire.

  • All Your Data, In One Context

    Interoperate at scale and speed in an open-architecture, open-scaling, fully containerized, AWS, Oracle, Azure Cloud and Deployable ready platform.

Partnership Plans

gold partner

  • Gold partnership is best for organizations interested in delivering Equitus technology directly to clients. A Gold Partner is an authorized system-integrator of Equitus products and may market, promote, and resell Equitus products in conjunction with any of the Gold Partner's services and products.

silver partner

  • Silver partnership is best for individuals or firms interested in selling Equitus technology without taking an active role in its delivery or support. A Silver Partner acts as a contractor, working autonomously to introduce Equitus products to government and commercial entities.

Partnership Services

Equitus will provide your team full support with training, demonstration platforms, and technical expertise.