Equitus platforms seamlessly interconnect to help you achieve true hyper-convergence. Offering powerful analytics that bring social media to life, the mergence of human talent and cognition, geospatial analysis, the benefit of providing unnoticed insights, and the ability to turn inert documents into discoverable entities, the Equitus platform does it all.

enterprise solutions

Equitus is a radically new A.I ecosystem for disparate data to interconnect and transform into new and critical insights. Each Equitus platform is data convergence across all data types.

Deployable Platforms

Take the analytical power of the Equitus product line on the go without compromising your data. No matter where you are deployed, harness the full power of our ready-to-deploy and ready-to-use products.


open-source intelligence (osint)

An end-to-end intelligence & operations solution for understanding and interacting in the open-source space.


Ingest unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data. Analyze typed, handwritten, or printed text from more than 1500 different file types.

imagery & video analytics

Equitus state-of-the-art GPU-based learning algorithm can extract and record details from live or recorded video footage in a scalable platform.

Geospatial Intelligence

Ingest, combine, correlate, and fuse nearly any type of intelligence data that combines static, dynamic, and A.I derived data to generate live and ongoing geospatial fusion of all data available to the platform.


Make deep connections through the mergence of functionality and data across the various intelligence disciplines into a single data-fabric.

Partnership Plans

gold partner

  • Gold partnership is best for organizations interested in delivering Equitus technology directly to clients. A Gold Partner is an authorized system-integrator of Equitus products and may market, promote, and resell equitus products in conjunction with any of the Gold Partner's services and products.

silver partner

  • Silver partnership is best for individuals or firms interested in selling Equitus technology without taking an active role in its delivery or support. A Silver Partner acts as a contractor, working autonomously to introduce Equitus products to governemnt and commercial entities.

partnership SERVICES

Equitus will provide your team with training, demonstration platforms, technical expertise, and sales support to our partner pursuing new opportunities.