video analytics, security/safety

  • Allows users to be alerted to events, whether they are happening in real-time from recorded or live-streaming video.
  • Supports forensic searching on recorded video footage allowing users to quickly find events, objects, and people of interest in the recorded video.
  • Allows video upload for analysis and encoding of footage to enable cognitive analysis.
  • Allows retrieval of video from video cameras to facilitate searches for events, people, and specific objects interest.
  • Open Platform: Open API/SDK, supports seamless integration with third-party applications.  
Image of deployable case with laptop

fully Equipped with:

real-time analysis

Augument your existing security feeds with machine vision and active stream analysis.

alert/advise security

Pinpoint your target and catalog object characteristics using facial/object recognition and trajectories.

store & report

Capture what is seen as searchable data with more than 100 pre-loaded taxonomies.

locate in private

The system is owned and controlled by you and can operate in "disconnected mode".

Applicable markets:

Corporate Safety & Security

Count customers, identify traffic patterns, alert staff of fails, and unattended baggage. Statistical analysis capabilities allow for further analysis to streamline space, utilization, and flow.

Law enforcement

Send alerts when anyone crosses into a prohibited area or when the system identifies a specified person, object, or pattern. Analyze bodycam footage to reveal new evidence.

National defense

Identify people and patterns from live feeds including drone footage. Conduct facial detection of high profile individuals in recorded video footage.