Designed for special operations, Spectre allows you to fully engage without leaving a footprint

  • Unattributed advanced internet from anywhere in the world (4G,5G, or CIP). 
  • One-click complete reset of the entire OS. 
  • World-class encryption that virtually eliminates the need for software upgrades.
  • Laptop, Hardware VPN, firewall, and hotspot- all in one case.
  • IP obfuscation included.
  • Easy for non-technical users to set up and configure within minutes.
  • CNSA Crypto (Quantum Resistant, IKEv2 with certificates and IKEv1 with pre-shared keys).

Fully equipped with:


Ready-to-use and disconnected from the DoD network.

Internet Access

Activated 4G/5G hotspot, ready-to-use.

Server Hardware VPN

Hardware-based security firewall.

Secure encrypted connection

Managed attribution capabilities with unfiltered/unattributed internet access.