Mission Critical Intelligence

at the edge



Hyper Convergence By Design

Born from extensive military experience, Equitus delivers advanced A.I. big data analytics platforms to both government and commercial organizations, providing true data convergence for conducting deep analysis, generating critical insights, and making mission-critical decisions in real time.

Equitus is the new common standard for disparate data types to interoperate at scale and speed, delivered inside a complete intelligence ecosystem.

Mission Critical Intelligence, At The Edge

Equitus 4.0

A single ecosystem where each intelligence requirement informs the other. Equitus is a complete solution for a complex problem and can interact as a powerful data architecture to achieve unprecedented awareness. Data convergence in each system. Hyper convergence between each system.

An end-to-end Intelligence Eco-system

Equitus 4.0 merges functionality and data across the various intelligence disciplines into a single data-fabric where deep connections are easily made. The Equitus solution for big data and multi-source intelligence, includes an array of powerful tools mounted on an open-architecture & open-standard information store that acts as a unified repository for data aggregated from systems in the Equitus line-up or other platforms/tools already in your inventory.


Open-Source Intelligence to an entirely new degree.

Equitus 4.0 Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform anonymously extracts data from over 130 million socially-interactive sites while using advanced A.I. to connect, correlate and analyze, providing a comprehensive view of the open source world, in detail. More than a social media monitoring tool, it is an end-to-end intelligence & operations solution for understanding and interacting in the open-source space.

Turning Inert Documents into Immediately Actionable Knowledge.

Equitus 4.0 turns your static documents into a living intelligence base of entities, actions, and events, analyzing and recording the relationships between every entity referenced any document in your KM repository. The end state is rich A.I.-based machine-derived link-chart analysis of the story told within all documents and knowledge in your storage, connected into a single picture. Novel graph-database design makes the system rapidly scalable from 1TB to 1EB and beyond.

Providing Insights Unnoticed by The Human Eye.

Delivered in an end-to-end tool-rich platform, Equitus uses state-of-the-art GPU-based deep learning algorithms to extract and record conclusionary details from live or recorded video footage in a scalable platform that ranges from tactical to strategic enterprise. Equitus is compatible with nearly every image/video format and easily ties into nearly any modern camera system of VMS. Fully interoperable with most intelligence systems for rapid data dissemination and correlation.

Not just another Common Operating Picture.

Equitus ingests, combines, correlates and fuses nearly any type of intelligence data, combining static, dynamic, and A.I.-derived data to generate a live and ongoing geospatial fusion of all data available to the platform. Complete with a rich set of geospatial visualization and analysis tools, Equitus is your next Common Operating Picture, with the sophisticated technology underneath to merge & visualize information like never before.


Safely Perform Your Government Work at Home Unfiltered/ Unattributed

Coven provides your team with a holistic intelligence management suite that collects, aggregates, and analyzes multi-source information to tackle language translation, facial recognition, change detection in real-time. It gives your squad the power to inform at the speed of war so they can make pivotal decisions.


Ready-to-Deploy, Ready to-Use Squad/Team/Element​ Unfiltered/ Unattributed 

Spectre allows an individual to access the analytical power of the Equitus product line from anywhere on the globe. Spectre is unfiltered, unattributable, and deployable so you can harness the power of Equitus on the go.


Equitus is truly open-standard, allowing complete interoperability and data exchange among disparate data types.


The Equitus modular platform design allows users to rapidly assemble an architecture to meet nearly any requirement. Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications to preserve legacy technology and data investments.


Equitus is a complete intelligence ecosystem, letting you deploy sensitive, highly-regulated applications, workloads, and data across the full spectrum of private, hybrid, or cloud.


Equitus is sold and delivered only through our exclusive network of partners, resellers, system integrators, and defense contractors. For more information, visit our partnering page.​