AI-Driven Knowledge Graph Fabric

Equitus’ technology blurs the line between disparate data and real-world actions  to produce ultra-relevant insights. It isn’t just about data unification; it’s about creating a realm where every data bit communicates, collaborates, and converges, we call it: Knowledge Unification.  

An open data unification platform® for advanced commercial analytics and defense intelligence.

Equitus Knowledge Graph is purpose-built to seamlessly interconnect your enterprise data sources and to produce real-time knowledge graphs that feed your next-generation AI, helping you to achieve decision dominance. Equitus supports commercial organizations, defends our national security, and provides analytics that you control.


data organization

Designed for your operations, Equitus includes state-of-the-art tools and application suites designed for each type of intelligence activity, while still being able to continue building your organization’s knowledge base.



The Equitus platform includes seamless ingestion, transformation, querying, storage, and analysis of data from any source, in any format. Extract, Load, and Transform.



Utilize open-standard graph databasing that can be easily migrated with previous legacy systems, as well as any new tools that may be selected in the future.

What is a data unification platform?

A data unification platform is a unified implementation of data storage, data analytics, and data transformation. These three things work together to put all data on a level playing field. Additionally, this platform contains everything you need to transform, correlate, and manage data. A true open data unification platform achieves commonality, unlike a data base.

Fully integrated data across all platforms enables full insight of the context around a problem set. Equitus solutions work on this platform, which seamlessly interconnects to help you achieve true hyper-convergence. The result is an easy-to-deploy intelligence ecosystem where each intelligence function and mission activity informs the other.

The new open standard

Equitus is at the forefront of autonomous data-fabric technology, with its first-of-a-kind open standard AI/ML graph database platforms.  With powerful analytics and an open design, EQ Knowledge Graph allows a defense contractor to tailor a system, tools, dashboards, dataflows, and processes to whatever use case they may desire to build.



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Born from extensive military experience, Equitus designs, builds,
and delivers cutting-edge big data platforms designed to be mission critical and provide support to both government and commercial organizations.


CEO and current U.S Army Brigadier general founded Equitus to develop an end-to-end platform design that collects, transforms, and combines known data types into a powerful analytics ecosystem to support big-data, business, and intelligence activities. His diverse skills and leadership fuel our multi-disciplinary team to reach for greater heights.

our solutions

Equitus solutions are open-architecture, open-standard, and open-scaling. Having experience in the field of special operations and national security, our unconventional team of operations, strategy, technology and R&D professionals bridge the entire process from initial concept through to full operation capability and effect.

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